I am not a vet but some of the ideas below have worked for me, so I'll pass my thoughts on to you.  Don't take my word for them.  :)


I've never had luck with tubing puppies under 3 weeks old.  Nor have i ever had luck with puppy formulas used on puppies under 3 weeks old.  If a puppy is fading, I give it pediolyte, and warm water, one tiny drip at a time.  I give a few cc s each hour  A few grains of antibiotic on the inside of their cheek. and if dehydration occurs, I have gone as far as injecting a tsp of lactated ringers under the skin between the shoulder blades.  (not into the muscle)   I pray alot.  God has been good.

One wormer I like is Panacur.  I give it once a day for 3 days. 

We've not had fleas, but there are tics in the country.  We treat the adults monthly with "frontline" now, but those meds cannot be used on puppies, I'm told...so we check them daily by hand.

Upset tummy...I cook rice and chicken for my little friends, sometimes cottage cheese is added. 

I was told I could give 1/10 of a cc Ivermectin per 10 lbs body weight once a month for Heart worm.   

Watch out for dehydration.  Make sure your pets have plenty of fresh water!   When they get a bug, I have used water mixed with pediolyte.  Worked for me. 

I'm not a vet, but when my dogs get loose stools,  A couple drops of pepto bismol a few times a day works great. 

 Three of my westies have been bit by rattlers.   I'm not a vet, but both vets were closed , so we were terrified. We put horse linoment DMSO I think it's called, on the bites, forced huge amounts of liquid vitamin C, and same amounts of Benydryl, antibiotic, pediolyte and water down their thoats, filled the baby pool with mud and held them down in it while we talked to them softly and prayed alot....... all three lived, but it took round the clock care. The one who was bit on the nose, odviously couldn't put his face in the mud, so we put mud on the wound, rinsed it and covered it in antibiotic cream. Pretty much we did everything we could think of every hour day and night, until they could swallow their drool, and the cantalope sized swelling on their necks went down. Never give up on your pet.

Rattlesnakes!!!! Watch out my friends, On my way out to let my doggies out of their kennel yesterday morning, I opened the outside kennel gate, and Kye Efiie and Darby came out of their doggie doors to greet me. I was talking to them, not paying attention to anything else. They romped beside me as we headed to the inner kennel to clean, fill waters etc. , when we heard a rattling.
Not more than a foot from us was a very upset 8 button rattler. i guess he didn't like us walking right over him. Thank my Lord that the rattler challenged us for only a moment before considering his options and slipping through the chainlink fence.
Ashley, my brave daughter, pinned his head with a shovel while I got my Westies safetly back into the kennels. I was so frightened for my little friends that they spent most of the day in their kennels, an my poor grandchildren spent most of the day inside. Later that day, before letting the dogs out, I had the older kids check the whole place with me. 1 more rattler was in my back yard, along with a racer under the doggie hotel...Needless to say, my westies and grandchildren had a very boring day. 
This is just a week after Andrew and Ashley stepped over one in the same back yard, where all my dogs play all day!!! So if you think your yard is safe because of your animals are about...think twice. Watch where you walk. The spot near the kennels where we encountered the rattler yesterday morn was the same spot I walked to the night before, barefooted and in the dark!!!!


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