Pat's Lucy 

Hi Victoria,
So today is Mr. Harley's first birthday and I wanted to send you an email with some pictures and another thank you for such a wonderful puppy. He has the most HILARIOUS personality. He makes us laugh every single day and we couldn't have asked for a better companion. We have so many great and funny pictures of him, I had a hard time picking only a few... so I picked out ten :)

I also read your new post about Bad Reports... wow. People are terrible! I'm now out patrolling the net looking to add my rebuttal to their comments.

Enjoy the rest of summer, hope your puppies are strong and healthy! (I hope all the pictures load correctly!)

With great thanks,

Trevin and Katie 

 Hi Victoria,

Daisy is the love of our life. She is a perfect dog who loves everybody. She is 2 and one half now.

Thank you, Michelle


 Hi Vitoria!  Milo is doing great, he has his summer look right now! He is the ring bearer at my sister’s wedding. 

Hi   Scrappy has been a handful. I love him to death. 

Greetings Victoria,


Yesterday was the "pups," annual wellness visit to the vet. Duncan weighs a healthy 21 pounds and little Arabelle is 18.0. The are both healthy and happy. Of course Duncan was more interested in visiting with the girls there, he is such a flirt, the only time he was distracted, was when a cat came in and could not figure out why he could not play with the cat.

 Arabelle did very well, she cried when they took Duncan in the back to do his testing for heartworm, etc., I was thankful she did not start howling, I did tell you, she howls like a little wolf, she has done this since the time we brought her home. I will need to send you a recording of it, it makes us laugh. I cannot believe she is already 15 months old.                                                               I have to let you know, we get the best complements on our Westies. I think it's due to their good breeding and people here in Oklahoma, seem to not really study of where they are getting the puppy from. Again, we are so thankful for our two fury babies.

Hope you have a fantastic day!

 Rachael Miller-Lansdown 

Brodie loves to camp, swim in the lake, play fetch (though he likes us to come chase him for the ball). He is very vocal and loves to howl with he ball in his mouth. He also loves to sleep under furniture and is so amazing in the car sometimes I forget he's back there.  Anyway just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for my little guy and how his wonderful personality lights up my life. If we ever decide we can handle another one we will contact you for sure   Leslie Perkins

Here's a picture of Yogi.He's been a joy! Lisa  

Beng Beza's little guy at Thanksgiving 

I had to put this picture in, because my son's favorite show is the Dick Van Dyke Show.  Sitting in front, a soon to be famous painter, Wes Van Dyke who is humble and sweet as well as extremely talented. 

 Aisling Guiney took this of her westie and little girl.  What a cutie! " Hi Victoria, yes this is the westie we got from you. He is one good looking westie!!"    I couldn't resist putting both up, along with the little poem she had with the first pic>>>

"If we just wait until nightfall my little Westie friend, the stars shall shine upon us. And when we see a shooting star, we will make a wish that we are never apart."

They both are such a joy, and we are thankful the two of them in our lives. She is on the left, Duncan on the right. Rachel Miller Lansdown 

 Hi Victoria, Just wanted to let you know that we absolutely adore our little Winston! We can see that he came from a wonderful home filled with love and warmth before he was in ours.  Winston is about 7 months now and is incredibly smart, energetic, affectionate, but equally feisty!  He has quite the personality!  But no matter how sassy he gets, he always manages to win us over with those button eyes.  He is truly a wonderful pup and has brought us so much joy.  Be assured we are spoiling him rotten ;) Thank you for raising such lovely Westies.  Best,Evan and Melisa 

   Hello Victoria, I just wanted to send you a pic of our sweet Olaf. He's doing amazing, and such a well behaved puppy.     :   ) he makes us so happy. What am incredible pup he is! Thank you!   Jessica

 Hi Victoria, I just wanted to share a couple of pictures of Bear with you. We love him so much! We hope you are doing well.      Greg and Mary Vander Leun

I can’t tell you enough what fabulous little dogs you raise. My little Daisy has been a God send. I l wish you all the very best.    Leslie  (Thanks Leslie)

Senna was two yesterday I will send  you a photo right after grooming, she is a treasure with a feisty demeanor.Best Nanci 

 He was very easy to train, but I think part of that reason is that we spent so much time with him. Also he is very smart. You usually only have to tell him something once and he's got it. He is also very vocal. He grunts when you rub his tummy, almost purrs when you rub his ears and loves to bark with the Bassett Hound that lives behind us when the Bassett is on the scent of a cotton tail  rabbit.I noticed that you have puppies on the web sight now but I didn't know when they were born or if you had any left.Please let us know if you will be having puppies around June, and if so, could you please put us on the waiting list for a little sister for Hairry?. I think we will call her Sissy or Lucy. We will know when we see her.Thank you so very much! Stan and Regina Dobretz                                                           Hairry in the middle of the action on Christmas Day. 7 Months old

We didn't get Christmas pictures out this year, so I thought you might like to see what Luna looks like now that she is one. We haven't had much snow in Nevada this year, but when it has snowed Luna loves to play in it. She really is part of our family.Thanks for having such great dogs!The Endter's: John, Susan, Kelsey & Jarod 

.Morris Family.... We think and talk about you guys often as we marvel at what a good dog Kensie (Kensington Molly McKay) is. Kensie has been a delight from day one and has become an integral part of the family. Never having had a dog before I find the pack behavior amusing. She places herself below Karen and I and somewhere on par with the kids. As Alpha I can do a few things the others can't, like carry her on her back in my arms or hold her upright like a baby. When I come through the door at night I have a exuberant welcoming committee of one.  Overall she is a very good natured dog and almost never growls, even at the kids. She stands obediently and long-suffering in the sink for her baths and doesn't seem to mind while the shmuck is picked out of her eyes and fur. We find her terrier traits amusing. She has a couple toys in the house which she loves to play with and shake like a rat. During daylight hours she is constantly "on guard" keeping an eye out for the squirrels which run along the fence. 

Hi Victoria,  We wanted to share how much Bing has grown over the past year -- he is quite the playful yet thoughtful personality and is so smart!

 Thank you for having amazing dogs,

Ming & Jenn 

This note, below, is old and I am no longer affected by this person, butr I decided to leave it on, just in case ;) 

Recently, everyone on my waiting list excused themselves for one reason or another.  This has never happened in 14 years and it left me very confused.  I searched on  the internet and found that my good name was smeared by 2 disgruntled people.  One who has been very angry since last year,  and sends unkind emails because I took her puppy back when she gave me a fraudulent check.  The puppy I had sold her died when it choked on a toy, and she called me sobbing.  I told her I had another litter from a different mother, and I would sell her one, but made the mistake of telling her not to worry about rushing the deposit to me, I would hold it for her.   She lives so far away, that when my daughter was heading that way, I hurriedly called her and she was very happy not to have to make the drive.

 When she came to my daughter's to pick up the puppy, she tried to leave in a hurry without paying.  So my daughter put her on the phone.  She thought I would give her the puppy for free.  I felt bad about the misunderstanding and offered the pup for half price of $350, even though I had people on my waiting list, willing to pay full price.    She quickly gave my daughter a check and drove away.  My daughter realized the check was only for $3.50.  Instead of writing a new check, she started writing emails saying strange things about the "free Puppy"  And i realized she was trying to build a defense rather than write a check for $350.  So I talked to the banks, the local law enforcement , all the vets in her area,  and found out lot's of interesting stuff about her, including the fact that she'd been lying about the dead puppy.... and sent her a warning.  She quickly offered to meet me with the puppy, if I'd give her back the fraudulent check she wrote.  Now I find that she is using different user names to destroy my business.

The other, Doublerainbow ,  came to me a year or two after buying a puppy from me, she wanted to buy a second puppy from me, but when she kept asking about  " what if my westie doesn't like the new puppy can I bring it back?"...., and another person was wanting a puppy for sure, (because their old westie had died of old age)  I chose to accept the deposit of the person who lost their old westie and needed a new one, 

So Double rainbow is angry,  and wrote a mean review about me.  

I was surprised at how easily a couple of unkind people or competitive breeders can ruin the reputation of an innocent and honest breeder.

I always encourage people to pick up their puppies here, but offer to drive part way if it helps people.  Over and over buyers who have come here, rave about my healthy puppies and nice kennels, and tell stories about going to other breeders who kept their  puppies in chicken wire setups in their back yards, and the pups were covered in poop. 

 That breaks my heart.  I love my westies. 

 Just as we are careful not to buy a puppy from a bad breeder, also be careful to check every accusation out, because it is way too easy for bad people to lie and destroy a perfectly wonderful  doggie home.  Come and pick up your puppy at my home.  i promise I do not, nor ever have, change prices on you.  I've never changed the price of a deposit.  I do not give out blank contracts.  If a puppy has a health problem, I would disclose it... In fact, I wouldn't even sell it.  

The person who wrote the fraudulent check turned me into AKC.  AKC came and did an surprise inspection and were very happy with my dogs and paperwork.

Please come and see for yourself before believing every rumor planted on the internet.

PS. I have all the emails and a copy of the fraudulent check from the two people mentioned above to back up all that I've been forced to disclose because of their mis-truths.  But that doesn't help me in the future....Who knows if another breeder might plant lies about their competition...Or anyone might be in a mood to discredit you.  So please always come investigate, to know the truth.

Sincerely, Victoria Trujillo

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