I'm often asked, "What should I bring when picking up my puppy?"  Here is a list of things I recommend that you bring with you to insure a pleasant ride home.

1.  Puppy crate...I have used many crates of different styles over the years and I would recommend something like the Midwest Dog crate size medium.  Unlike cheaper brands the heavier metal does not get bent up easily.  It's slide out bottom is simple to clean and it folds flat for easy storage.   It's a little bit of an investment but ended up being cheaper for me in the long run because I don't have to replace it every two years  The medium size will accomodate your westie's size for the span of his/her little life.

2.  Towel...A towel is absorbant and less sweaty feeling than a blanket.  It washes easily.  I have several that I use just for my westie crates, so I can change them every night.

3.  Stuffed animal...I would recomend picking up a few soft (not bean bag filled) used, washable little stuffed toys.  They provide comfort.  They often get messy(thats why you need washables) and torn (that's why you should go for used and cheap)  Be careful not to get the toys with little parts that could choke your puppy, like plastic eyes or buttons.  Throw it away if it gets torn.

4.  Newspaper...If your puppy needs to potty on the way home you will need something to place under him.  You can tell he needs to go when he gets up, sniffs around or acts uncomfortable.  Place him down on the paper. 

5.  Something to hold food and water in.

6.  A bottle of water, and a baggy of food.

7.  Leash and collar(small breed puppy or cat sized) or harness

These are merely personal recommendations, based on nothing more than my own experiences.

I feed the puppies Kirkland puppy food, moistened, and mixed with cottage cheese,  morning and night.  During the day between feeding, they can always reach their bowls with dry puppy food to snack on, and water.  I think they are too little to be fed only twice per day, with no snack..Always make sure they can access clean water.

 Playing with shadows

Autumn leaves, a new discovery 

Mischevious little guys waiting to be dryed after romping in the wet grass.

Stuck on the outside 

Getting a tummy scratch 

Bite that slipper!! 

No matter what your Westie may look like, you can be assurred of one thing.  They are faithful, good-natured, devoted, playful, alert, even-tempered little buddies.  You'll never go wrong with a Westie. 

Dryed off and all tuckered out. 

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