Darby Jr.  My handsome gentle little friend. 

Riley Boy Below, Small friendly boy!!! 

Sweet little Mommy, Pixie (above and right

Below:  Wee Bonnie Lass 

Daisy with babies below 

To the left and Below Katie and  Kye Effie 

Daisy below 


 Daughter Ashley holding Kye Effie

 Darby O Gill is a best buddy.  Calm in Temperment, always lying at my feet.  Eager to please.  He rides in my bike basket on camping trips, plays catch etc...

 Below is Mickey O Malley.  He is the ultimate in playful companions.  Very sharp and alert.  Loves to perform tricks and play any game; Hide and Seek, wrestle, fetch.  If you're in the mood to settle down, he catches right on and snuggles with you.  Here Mickey and Darby are wearing their winter coats.

Pixie and Daisy below looking up 

Riley and Pixie below 

   Above: Riley with Pixie Ann

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