Our puppies are sold with limited registration only, we do not sell to anyone planning to breed.  The contract will contain this agreement, and AKC papers will be sent when proof of spay/neuter has been received.  Puppies come with a one year health guar. against genetic defect.   Puppies come with first shot.  DNA is on file for the father and most mothers.

Westie puppies are so ready to love and bond to you.  Give them tons of patience because they will chew, jump,  have accidents, and go through the awkward teenage stage before you end up with a wonderful companion. 

Here are a few things that I try to remember to tell the new puppy parents:
1.  I feed my puppies the Kirkland brand of puppy food. (moistened and mixed with a spoon of cottage cheese) It might be a good idea for you to try using the same for a little while because a move often loosens the little guys bowels...Changing his or her diet could irritate those little bowels even more.
2.  Crate train your dog.  They will be more secure,and less claustrophobic.  They will also be nice little travelers, and campers.  If we are camping and want to go down to a beach that doesn't allow dogs, they will just nap in their crates by the trailer.  etc...Best of all it really helps the potty training move along faster.
3.  Teach your dog to be clean.  I bathe my Westies regularly and every night no matter how clean they are, they get a fresh clean towel to sleep on.  I don't use the same one every night.
4.  Puppies bladders are very small so they piddle frequently at first.  Make their first two weeks with you effective as far as potty training.  Take them to the place you want them to potty every time they wake up, eat, play etc.  And don't be in a hurry.  wait out there for a while until they sniff, fiddle and piddle.  Otherwise you will walk in the house and wonder why they wouldn't go outside, but they go right away in the house.  Take them out at least every twenty minutes.  While they're awake keep them beside you with a leash, on your lap, or in their crate until they are potty trained.
5.  Don't worry if they have an accident in their crate at night.  They won't like it and will try harder the next night to hold their bladder. a little longer.  They will get better at holding it every night.  Just clean the crate first thing in the morning.  Never put a puppy in a dirty crate.
6.  I feed my Westies Lamb and rice or Chicken and rice.  No Corn.  I was told years ago that Westies and corn don't get along;)   I've heard great things about the raw meat diet, and Blue Buffalo Dog food, but talk to your vet and do a bit of research for yourself.  Look for a high quality food, without corn, wheat, gluten, etc... 
I avoid normal doggie biscuits.  Instead, I cook up eggs, cut cheese chunks, give some veggies like carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkin.  I also make pumpkin rice dog biscuits (my dear friend Cindy, even found me a dog-bone shaped cookie cutter)  Be creative!  Your homemade snacks are probably better for your pet.  Keep mushrooms, chocolate, gum, pills and other potentially lethal items out of the reach of your puppy.
7.  The pups come with only their first shot, so protect them from too much exposure to the public and dirt until they've completed the series of three.  Tell your vet that they have had only their first 5 way shot...The  one without the Lipto..  It is very important that he /she receives the second shot- 3 weeks after the first, and the third, three more weeks later.
8.  Be prepared to stay awake the first few nights after you bring your baby home.  He will be a little frightened and won't sleep well. In fact, he may be quite loud.  I think a great place to keep the crate is right next to your bed, where he can see you.   If you can't put up with the noise, move his crate to an area of the house where he or she will be less disturbing.  Yelling or frightening him by hitting the cage will only make him more afraid..  A comfy towel and stuffed animal will help give comfort. 
Don't leave your pup alone all the time.  Take him with you, make him a part of your life and he will have the wonderful confidence Westies are famous for.
9.  If you can't watch him carefully, put him in his crate, or a puppy play pen.  There are many dangers around the house that you may not have thought of.  They chew on everything, even electric cords.  They can slip quietly out the door when a guest arrives, and you may not even notice.  My puppy play pen has toys, a bed,  a giant rawhide roll from costco, food, water, and a newspaper corner for pottying.  I set him in it, every time I'm not able to interact with him, or get distracted.

The simplest things bring joy to a puppy.


If you have to take something away.  Be nice about it.Just the taking away sends a message.  

Quickly replace it with a bone or something acceptable to chew on! Unless you want to see this sad little face ;)

Small in size...Mighty in spirit!!!!

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